Policy Canvas

What is this?
This policy canvas provides a way to quickly think through the major elements of an education policy such as the primary policy beneficiaries, funding streams, regulation, and desired outcomes. You can also use this to test potential solutions. 


When should I use this?
Use a policy canvas when your goal is to design a policy rather than a service or product. The canvas is meant to be used very early in the ideation process and revised multiple times as an idea is researched and tested. 


More about this...
The policy canvas is based on the business model canvas created by Alexander Osterwalder, which provides a framework for thinking through the major elements of a business model without writing an in-depth plan. The same applies to the policy canvas. It’s a fixed one-page template to help you stay focused and iterate on key concepts rather than details. You should go through dozens of versions as you test with users to refine your concept. The canvas is also an easy way to communicate a complex policy idea with a peer, funder, or policymaker.