Group Interview

What is this?
This resource provides guidance on how to curate groups for group interviews and facilitate the experience so it yields the information that your project needs.


When should I use this?
Group interviews are a great way to get multiple perspectives on a topic, issue, or challenge in a short period of time. You can also use them to identify people that you might want to involve in other stages of your project, as individual interviews, in a co-creation session, or as prototype testers.


More about this...
While group interviews don’t allow you to go deep with subjects, they allow you to gather a lot of information quickly. It’s particularly important to think about how the composition of the group and its dynamic will affect the answers you get. You may want to interview a group of third-grade teachers to understand how they use data to inform their practice or a group of refugee students to understand how they experience going to school in a new country, for example.