What is this?
The COCD box is a 2x2 matrix that you can use to rate potential solutions based on feasibility and originality. It helps you organize potential solutions into those you can implement easily, breakthrough ideas, and ideas for the future. 


When should I use this?
Like other 2x2 matrices, this should be used to evaluate potential solutions generated during brainstorming. The COCD box is particularly useful when your project has room for innovative solutions and you’re looking for original ideas.


More about this...
The education policy world is not known for its level of creativity, but there’s plenty of room for original thinking in a sector that’s constantly looking for ways to close opportunity gaps. This tool, created by The Center for Development of Creative Thinking, can help to identify novel solutions that are also possible to implement. It’s suited for projects for which the audience includes funders, policymakers, or superintendents who are willing to try new ideas rather than implement a best practice from elsewhere.